• Sammantha
  • Cyberbu//y Poster
  • Bitches on Cliquester
  • Taylor Hillridge
  • Taylor's brother sits with her
  • Taylor and Sammantha
  • Sammantha and Taylor on Cliquester
  • Taylor tries to commit suicide because of bullying
  • The real Taylor Hillridge
  • Taylor replies to Lindsay on Cliquester
  • Taylor on her laptop
  • Taylor and her friends stand up to their bully
  • Scott
In the beginning, it is Taylor Hillridge's birthday and her mother gave her a brand new laptop. She made an account on the popular website at her school called clicksters. She meets a boy called James, who later turned out to be a fake account set up to torment her. shortly after she created account it was hacked by her little brother, who changes her status to "I'm a naughty girl, someone should spank me." The hacking and cyber bullying goes on, as a video is made mocking her. The James account sends out a text say she gave him an STD.Soon the bully gets a hold of her emotions and she attempts to commit suicide.

She goes to a community group, where she gains support from teens who had been through the same experiences who help her and they discuss what to do about the bullying. A few days later when she is soon ready to go back to school she finds out the mystery person behind James it turns out that her best friend Sammie was the one who said all those horrible things about her.Taylor and her mom try to get a law passed against cyber bullying, which leads to an interview with Taylor and Sammie.

When Taylor goes back to school her crush, Scott talks to her in the cafe and says that in the beginning, he thought it was his fault that she attempted to take her life, which she denies and says there was much more going on.

The same day at lunch Taylor goes up to Sammie and make up and when Lindsay mocks them, Taylor refuses to let her take control of her life. She stands up to the bullies and is soon joined by all her friends, including Scott, who then walk off and have lunch with her. In the end, a law is passed and cyber bullying becomes illegal.