Samantha Caldone

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The trouble begins when Taylor's brother, Eric, hacks into Taylor's account and posts a malicious comment about his sister. She ends up really upset, but then her problem is for now fixed. However, just when things got better, Taylor meets a stranger on Cliquesters named James Petitious. Taylor's friend was Samantha. Samantha is a cyber-bully.

To Taylor and her former friends, he seemed nice at first but then he says he slept with her and she gave him an STD. Little did she know that someone close to her was James. The rumors were getting more and more bad by the minute. Eventually, Taylor goes over the edge and posts a video saying she's had enough and is going to commit suicide. Later on Samantha sees the video and immediately runs to Taylor's house. With Taylor's brother, Eric, on the computer playing games and not caring at the moment, Samantha asks him where Taylor is and he says "How should I know? I'm grounded." She then runs upstairs and doesn't see Taylor in her room, but sees her laptop open showing her page and the video. She then goes into the bathroom only to see Taylor trying to open a bottle of sleeping pills.

They wrestle for the bottle, and then Eric runs upstairs after hearing their struggle. Taylor's mother comes home followed by the paramedics. The bottle opens spilling the pills all over the floor; then Taylor's mother comes in and sets her down, holding her while she cries. Taylor is taken to the hospital, and Samantha ends up feeling horrible and guilty (along with Eric). She then admits on Cliqusters that she was posing as James and then she's tackled by insults on there, ending up with her feeling even more guilty and miserable. She then tells Taylor about it. Taylor then goes to a building where people talk about the problems in their lives, and then sees one of her classmates there. Then she hears the stories told by the others in the room about their problems with cyber bullying and how to fix it by not making it worse.

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